Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Juvenile Detention Center Officer Injured

On June 25th the Jackson County Sheriff's Department was advised by
Jackson County Juvenile Detention that one of their officers was having trouble
with an inmate they were transporting from Monroe County.

The Detention officer advised that the female juvenile inmate was
secured in the back seat and was able to remove her "belly-belt" and place it
around the detention officer's neck while he was driving on US 50 west of
Brownstown. The Juvenile was able to get partially in the front seat and grab
the steering wheel of the transport vehicle causing it to travel into oncoming
traffic. The Officer was able to regain control of the vehicle and pull over at
CR 975 W and US 50. The officer then tried to regain control of the inmate when
she grabbed a ink pen from the car and started to stab the officer. The officer
was able to get the pen out of the Juvenile's hand. The detention officer and
three citizens were able to secure the juvenile until officer's with the
Sheriff's Department arrived and escorted her to the detention center. 
The juvenile officer received 4 small puncture wounds to his arm. He was
checked by medics and then returned to work. The female juvenile was being held for
Monroe County on Auto Theft and Failure to Appear.

As a result of this incident she is being charged with:
Attempted Escape Inflicting Injury Level 4 Felony
Criminal Recklessness Level 6 Felony
Criminal Recklessness with Deadly Weapon Level 6 Felony
Battery on a Correctional Officer with Injury Level 6 Felony.

Investigating Officer Sgt Stan D Darlage
Assisting Officers Dusitn Steward and Adam Nicholson