Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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"Leading the Way to a Safer Community"

Jackson County is a diverse area consisting of rolling wooded hills and fertile farmlands famous for watermelons, corn, soybeans, eggs and all types of livestock.

In 1812, Ft. Vallonia was built and manned to protect the 90 families in the area from Indian attacks during the war of 1812 and several skirmishes were fought in the area. On January 1, 1816, Jackson County was formed and named for Andrew Jackson who defeated the British in 1815 at the Battle of New Orleans in the war of 1812. Jackson County covers 514 square miles and as of 2010, the population was 42,376 and the county seat is Brownstown.

Jackson County was the site of the first recorded train robbery of a moving train in the United States. On Oct 6, 1866, the Reno Gang robbed an Ohio and Mississippi Railway train making off with over $10,000.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to protect and serve the citizens of Jackson County in the pursuit of a safe, drug-free county to raise the next generation.

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