Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Jail Technology Identifies ICE Fugitive

Miguel Felipe Gaspar

July 13, 2018

Crothersville Police Chief Brent Turner arrested a male subject who identified himself as Leo Rodry, for driving while never receiving a license. During questioning by Chief Turner, the male subject then gave a different name as well as two different dates of birth.

When at the jail, Chief Turner told Jail Commander Charlie Murphy that he was uncertain of the man’s true identity. Commander Murphy then told Turner of the jail’s electronic thumbprint technology.

After checking the man’s thumbprint through the jail’s software it was determined that he was Miguel Felipe Gaspar, an illegal immigrant who has an active Fugitive Warrant with ICE.

In addition to the initial Crothersville charge of Never Receiving a Driver’s License, Gaspar is also arrested for False Reporting, and the ICE Warrant.

Driving while never receiving a driver’s license and false reporting are Class A Misdemeanors. Federal Immigration authorities will take custody of Gaspar for the ICE warrant after his Jackson County cases are finished.

Assisting Murphy and Turner were Jail Officers Brad Freeman and Faron Gibson.