Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Arrest Made after Fraud Investigation

   Victor Swartwood

On 2/22/18, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department arrested Victor Leon-Swartwood (33) of Seymour for insurance fraud, a Level 6 Felony and Deception and Insurance Application Fraud, both A Misdemeanors, after an investigation into Mr. Swartwood possessing a Social Security card belonging to a US citizen from Puerto Rico.

Swartwood purchased a valid Social Security card for $1,000.00, approximately 4 years ago, from a former Seymour resident who was from Puerto Rico. Mr. Swartwood then used the same Social Security card to get a job with a factory in Seymour. By virtue of securing that job, Mr. Swartwood used the same Social Security card as identification to obtain health and dental insurance benefits from said employer. The person who sold Mr. Swartwood the Social
Security card has since returned to Puerto Rico.

Mr. Swartwood was already in the Jackson County Jail on charges of Operating While Intoxicated when he was arrested on these additional charges. Swartwood is being held without bond on the most recent charges as well as a hold that has been placed on him by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mr. Swartwood was arrested by Reserve Deputy Scott Davis.