Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Kentucky Man Arrested in Seymour Fraud Case

David W. Lawrence

On 1/24/18, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department arrested David W. Lawrence

(58) of Louisville, KY, following an investigation into his business practices
involving the Rails Restaurant in Seymour, IN.

Mr. Lawrence was arrested for theft, check deception, check fraud, and causing
neglect of dependent, all level 6 felonies. He was also arrested for corrupt
business influence, a level 5 felony.

Mr. Lawrence had written several checks to employees and other business
associates knowing at the time of issue that those checks would not be honored
by his bank.

Mr. Lawrence also wrote checks to the Indiana State Central Collection Unit for
the Indiana's child support payments that were no longer honored because too
many of the the checks were being returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

The money for these child support payments was being withheld from employees at
Rails Restaurant in Seymour but was never getting to the child support
collection center, so that money was never getting to the families who were to
receive those funds. The money in question was over $3,000.00.

It is believed that Mr. Lawrence used the money that was supposed to be paid out
to his employees and to the state of Indiana for child support to pay for other
business expenses and ventures for the Rails Restaurant he used to operate in
Clarksville, IN, as well as a restaurant under construction in Seymour, IN,
called Bella Vita.

Mr. Lawrence is being held without bond in the Jackson County Jail. Reserve
Deputy Scott Davis investigated the incident and also arrested Mr. Lawrence when
he was found in Seymour this afternoon.