Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Honduran Arrested Again - Deported Twice in 2014

Roni Alfredo Morales-Duarte


On 5/23/17, at 4:26 PM, Reserve Deputy Scott Davis with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department conducted a traffic stop on a beige Nissan passenger car on SR 11 on the north side of Seymour.  The color of the vehicle did not match the color reported on the BMV license plate information.


After determining the problem with the color of the vehicle according to the vehicle's registration and the actual color of the car, the driver, Roni Alfredo Morales Duarte (23) of Seymour, IN, was only in possession of a Honduran ID card.  At that time, Davis arrested Mr. Duarte for operating a motor vehicle having never received a driver's license a class C Misdemeanor.


Upon further investigation, Davis found a Social Security Card in Duarte's possession that had Duarte's name on it but it did not have the Social Security Administration's Security features such as micro printing on the card.  The Social Security Number on the card would have been issued to someone who was born in Indiana.  However, Davis found Mr. Duarte's Honduran Birth Certificate on Mr. Duarte that showed he was born in Honduras in 1993, not in Indiana.


A records checked showed that Mr. Duarte had been arrested and deported twice in 2014 for violation of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act.


Duarte was also arrested for possession of a counterfeit government ID, an A misdemeanor and identity deception, a Level 6 Felony.


Duarte is being held with out bond in the Jackson County Jail.