Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Reserve Deputies Make Marijuana Arrests


        VIERLING                       BLAIR

Jackson County Sheriff Reserve Deputies Eric Browalski and Brad Barker made two arrests after locating 226 marijuana plants in a growing operation on Sunday April 23rd.


Kenneth Shawn Vierling, and his girlfriend, Teresa Lynn Blair, both 43, of Seymour were arrested on a Level 6 Felony charge of Maintaining a Common Nuisance and Misdemeanor charges of Cultivating Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana.


Browalski and Barker went to 8216 North County Road 925 East to serve an arrest warrant. Blair answered the door and stated she did not know the man wanted on the arrest warrant and said he did not live there. While talking with Blair, Browalski smelled burning Marijuana. Blair then told Browalski she had been smoking Marijuana.


Blair and Kenneth Vierling, who showed up later, gave Browalski consent to search the home. During the search Marijuana was found growing in the basement, in a bathroom, and in the closet of another room.


The Marijuana in the basement was growing in three “greenhouses” that were ventilated and included grow lights. A drying station was located in the bathroom, and a bag with loose Marijuana, and Marijuana growing guides also were found.


The siezed plants range from small to mature in size and have a street value of between $800 to $1,000 per pound. The Marijuana will be dried and stripped from the stalks to determine its total weight.


Vierling and Blair stated they were growing the marijuana for personal use and giving some away. Chief Deputy Lt. Andy Wayman said it was fortunate that Browalski and Barker were able to recognize the signs of Marijuana use and took the additional steps necessary to make the arrests.


Blair and Vierling were both booked into the Jackson County Jail in Brownstown at approximately 1 a.m. Monday. Each have posted a $1,005 bond and were released.