Jackson County
Sheriff's Office
Brownstown, Indiana
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Off Duty Deputy Makes Theft Arrests

 Kurt Allan Timberlake


Sparksville, IN.


On Saturday afternoon March 4th, off duty Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Walters received information about a possible stolen trailer that could be located on First Street in Sparksville.


Walters also gained information that the suspects were Kurt Timberlake (31 years of age) and a 16 year old Juvenile.


While headed to Sparksville, Walters and Deputy Jesse Hutchinson spotted Timberlake and the 16 year old suspect in an Oldsmobile SUV on County Road 225 South. Both suspects were detained at that time for questioning.


Timberlake told Walters the Oldsmobile belonged to his mother and that he was driving on a suspended driver’s License. The Oldsmobile had never been registered since it was purchased, and Timberlake was using an expired 2015 license plate.


Timberlake admitted to Walters there was illegal contraband inside the glovebox of the Oldsmobile, after which Walters located two glass pipes and one syringe in the glove box.


A car dolly that was hooked to the Oldsmobile SUV was also determined to have been stolen.


Deputy Hutchinson finished the vehicle inventory and had it towed from the scene. Hutchinson then transported the 16 year old Juvenile to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department where he was questioned with his parents present.


Walters then drove Timberlake to Sparksville where Timberlake directed him to a 25 foot gooseneck trailer that had been stolen from Brown County. While in Sparksville, Timberlake told Walters about another trailer stolen from Lawrence County, and a dirt bike that was stolen from Washington County. All of these items were then recovered.


Timberlake was transported to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department where he confessed to additional thefts in Lawrence County which involved a stolen Dodge truck. That Dodge truck was recovered on Thursday March 2nd by Medora Marshall Steve Ingle and Jackson County Deputy Rob Henley.


During an interview at the jail, the 16 year old juvenile also admitted to the crimes above along with other burglaries and thefts in Medora.


Kurt Timberlake was remanded to the Jackson County Jail on three counts of Possession of Stolen Property, and Possession of a Syringe. Both are level 6 felonies. Timberlake is also being held for violation of Indiana Parole.


The Juvenile was remanded to the Jackson County Detention Center with requested charges of Burglary (level 5 felony), Theft (level 6 Felony) , and 3 counts of Possession of Stolen Property (level 6 Felonies), and Possession of Paraphernalia (A-Misdemeanor).